Google Analytics Tip: Exporting Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tip: Exporting Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to export any of your reports into PDF, comma separated values (CSV), tab separated values (TSV), or Extensible Markup Language (XML). You can also email the report to anyone that would requests it, and it would be ideal to export it directly when selling a website, instead of taking a screenshot to provide more trust to the buyer.

To export a report:

  1. Navigate to the report you’d like to export. Analytics will export the report with the settings currently showing on your screen, so make sure that your date range and other settings are as you would like them.
  2. Click Export, below the report title.
  3. Select one of the four export format options:
    • PDF – portable document format. You’ll need the free Adobe Reader software in order to view this file.
    • XML – extensible markup language.
    • Excel – Microsoft Excel-formatted spreadsheet.
    • TSV – tab separated values. This format can be read in most spreadsheet applications or text editors.
  4. Your file will be generated automatically.

I hope this quick google analytics tip will help you sell more websites, as it will help buyers gain trust you are not manipulating screenshots when you send them the direct stats from google.

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  1. It’s a very informative overview of Google Analytics and how we can further maximize the tool.

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