S9.com Biography Website Sold for $400k

s9.com sold S9.com Biography Website Sold for $400k

ad1 S9.com Biography Website Sold for $400k

The website S9.com sold on flippa for an estimated $400k on Saturday October 23, 2010. There was a bidding war of 61 bids for this premium website and domain. S9, a biography website, claims to receive almost 100k uniques and 200k pageviews a month, yet only makes about $300/month in revenue. I personally think this site was “sold” for this much was because of its 2 letter domain registered in 1997, and also because it is PR8.

Again, congrats to the seller and buyer. This sale shows that the market is hungry for high quality websites with quality traffic.

“Are you looking for the coolest biographical dictionary online? If so, you should definitely consider visiting s9.com, the biographical dictionary that features more than 33,000 notable people from the ancient times to today.”

Update: Heres a link to what I believe the buyer, who wants a new wordpress theme. http://99designs.com/custom-wordpress-themes/contests/wordpress-design-biography-site-57500

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2 Comments → “S9.com Biography Website Sold for $400k”

  1. BS

    3 years ago

    Who said that the site was actually sold. A bunch of kids gamed the auction, which ended up closing at ridiculous price and everybody opens their mouth in a wow. Did you see that any $$ actually moved hands?

    You said: “This sale shows that the market is hungry for high quality websites with quality traffic.”

    The site has hardly any traffic. As for quality… Sorry, but the market is not hungry for such sites.

  2. admin

    3 years ago

    Hi BS, to be fair, we will see if it is sold after the contracts are drawn up and money is exchanged. I admit that flippa has been a breeding ground to many non paying buyers, but this seemed like a legit sale imo. It is a high quality site, if you check the analytics stats, combined with the PR, and age of the domain.

    Remember retweet? Do you think that site was worth $250k?

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